Our Partners Say It Best

They speak to the high levels of service and professionalism that our radiologists and teammates provide on a daily basis.

“Columbus Radiology is a wonderful partner in my patient care and management. With each phone call that I make, I can count on great customer service with the staff. Likewise, I appreciate being able to speak to any of the radiology providers directly with little wait time. They are very responsive, accurate in their reads, and are always happy to review any study with me, no matter if they were the original provider of that report or if the study was done years ago. This ongoing collaboration between me and my office, and Columbus Radiology has truly impacted my patients in a positive way.”
“I remember the first meeting Columbus Radiology came to present to us. (Columbus Radiology) promised a lot that day including increasing the scope of IR being performed and significantly improving turn-around times. You have delivered on your promises and continue to meet and exceed expectations.”
“He fits in great with the team and he is doing a fantastic job. Whatever we ask of him he is right there to get the job done. And, he does it with a great attitude!!! He was a great choice for us. Thanks for checking in on us. WE appreciate it.” (Comments regarding Columbus Radiology/RP Nurse Practitioner.)
“The infrastructure that CRC has developed is like no other. The call center for questions, referrals, reports, follow up, physician input and scheduling is unparalleled. Turnaround time for final reports is unequalled and far exceeds the national and local norms. Internal peer review with double blind analysis elevates quality assurance. It was a very easy choice as far as I was concerned. And, with the additional support and infrastructure of Radiology Partners, CRC is now the true exemplar and model for all large radiology groups.”
“At the Grant Management Team meeting on Friday, November 17th, Dr. Birkenholz -OB physician, will be recognizing all of the teams for our past 3 accrete patients done in the Main OR and IR. The teams were all amazing and she would like all of those that can attend to be recognized at the “Good Story” portion of the meeting. She’ll tell the story of all the meetings it took to achieve 3 successful births and appropriate post-partum care allowing mom and baby to go home healthy due to the teamwork of everyone involved. We’d like the OR team, Cath lab team, IR team, physicians, anesthesia, nurses, techs, etc. to all attend if possible. I hope all of you can be there to receive the much deserved recognition from our Leadership Team. My Sincere Appreciation, Juanita”
“I wanted to take a few minutes to reach out and share my thoughts and appreciation for our new partnership. After our meeting on Tuesday, I was reflecting on the mood of those in the room that have been with Mercy for many years; including myself. The positive vibe was palpable. The physician leaders were engaged, the quality representative was smiling and shaking her head in approval of the information you all presented. I thought back to my past 10 years at Mercy, and the uncertainty, and unstable environment we have experienced within our Imaging services. Most of this was due to the changes in our Radiology group. Admittedly when Jason T. approached me about making yet another change, I was skeptical, and maybe a little vocal. I trusted him and his experience with you all and your leadership through the process. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how truly seamless this transition has seemed to most. It is clear you are trail-blazers in this business and strive for continuous improvement and innovation. I apologize for so many paragraphs, Jason T. probably stopped reading 5 mins ago!! I just felt compelled to let you all know how much I appreciate you and your teams, your commitment to quality and patient safety, and thank you for being a part of Mercy Health-North. Always know I am here to support you in any way possible, and look forward to a long and positive relationship.”
“Because of the real-time feedback from CRC, we changed our processes. We don’t let patients leave without a final read.”
“CRC is a great partner with Grant and OhioHealth, we appreciate the efforts to educate, improve efficiency, reduce waste, expand services, excel in service, enhance technology and collaborate with our physicians.”
“I am so completely grateful to have such a great team to work with in you all. I would love a personal mailing address for each of you to send my thanks and appreciation. Thank You!” (She sent; An Adams coffee mug, hand towel, coffee, hand lotion, hand soap, candy, key chain, lip balm, gloves, and few more things)
“I joined CRC because it presented the most attractive mix of clinical excellence, opportunity, and culture in the market today. Each day my decision is reaffirmed. The sophistication of our subspecialty service and information infrastructure is constantly evolving and impressing. I am regularly presented with opportunities for clinical and non-clinical advancement at the CRC and RP levels, including during my first month as an associate. Our friendly, midwestern attitude and values come through in our interactions with each other, or customers, and our emphasis on the importance of personal and family time: all in the most livable town in the America.“
“The education of the primary care providers is critical to the current and future success of our organization.”
“The core team is awesome! They are a pleasure to work with and are a great help. Kudos to them.”
“…we should be thankful for having Columbus Radiology as our radiology group. They are accountable and collegial in our interactions and collaborate with us to elevate patient care. It used to be (with the old group) you just got whatever interpretation you got and that was it; not with Columbus Radiology. They work with us and it is important to recognize that in a small community our patients are able to obtain subspecialty interpretations at the same level as a major health system or metropolitan area.” (At a CME event hosted by Columbus Radiology in Springfield, Ohio, Dr. Neravetla stood up to express to a group of 40+ market physicians how thankful he felt they should be for having Columbus Radiology.)
“I will refer more patients to Paradigm Radiology!” (Feedback provided at a Cincinnati CME event hosted by Columbus/Paradigm Radiology)