Radiology Partners Equity Program Strengthens Physician Led and Owned Model

Majority of Radiologists in the Practice Are Also Investors

El Segundo, CA (April 10, 2017) – Radiology Partners, (RP), the largest on-site physician-led radiology practice in the United States, today announced the January 2017 completion of an equity co-investment that was open to all RP partner physicians. Today, approximately 60 percent of RP radiologists own equity and approximately 40 percent of RP is currently owned by physicians, an ownership percentage that is expected to continue to increase over time.

The opportunity for radiologists to invest in the practice occurs on a regular basis. Participation in the program is voluntary, is generally open to all partner-level physicians and has grown significantly during recent investment periods as RP continues to expand. With the shared goal of creating a transformative radiology practice, RP physicians and all other investors participate alongside each other, creating strongly aligned interests among all owners.

“My investment in Radiology Partners is more than just a financial one,” said Dr. Khanh Huynh, Director of Neuroradiology and Quality in Houston. “I continue to invest in RP because I truly believe in RP’s core mission to transform radiology. My investment supports the great opportunity to positively impact not only the field of radiology but also healthcare as a whole.”

In addition to periodic co-investment opportunities, RP also maintains its “Path to Partnership” for associate physicians. Physicians can be elevated to partner-level by their local practice board and when partner status is achieved that physician receives equity in RP without a buy-in.  Additionally, these newly elevated partners then qualify for co-investment opportunities going forward.

As radiologists and shareholders, partners are not only vested in the success of the practice as it continues to grow but have a meaningful say in the development of the practice. “The fact that RP put their trust in me and our local practice leaders to continue to run and make the major decisions in our radiology practice, combined with the incredible infrastructure that RP provides, has allowed us to grow leaps and bounds over the last three years,” said Dr. Peter Georgis, a RP radiologist practicing in Indiana who was elevated to partner in the last year. “Taking advantage of the opportunity to invest further in RP was an easy decision for me.”

“It is our strongly-held belief that to achieve our full potential as a practice, it is crucial that our organization is not just physician-led but also physician-owned,” said Rich Whitney, Radiology Partners’ Chairman and CEO. “Our radiologists are both practice leaders and practice owners. They help deliver extraordinary clinical value and service to our clients and patients and they share greatly in the rewards of our growth.”

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