Center of Radiology Excellence (CORE)

Since 2008, our CORE team has provided referring physicians, technologists and support staff with seamless access to our radiologists. A radiologist is available 24/7/365 to discuss ordering procedures, terminology or interpretations.

How CORE Makes A Difference

With CORE, wet reads, critical results and unexpected findings are turned around fast and reported directly to you.

Call  (866) 973-7231. One phone call puts you in touch with our radiologists 24 hours a day.

Center of Radiology Excellence

Contact Our Center of Radiology Excellence to:

  • Discuss report customization
  • Help determine the most appropriate imaging procedure for your patient
  • Consult on an interpretation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Handle all inbound calls
  • Critical Connections
  • Monitoring and Alerting on all STROKE exams
  • Exam priority/status updates
  • STAT patient hold and calls
  • Connect technologists/physicians with radiologists
  • Addendum requests
  • Assign/remove exams from radiologists work lists
  • Work-list monitoring to ensure SLA times are met with all exams

The Advisory Board Company

Our CORE team has been recognized as a “Best Practice” by the Advisory Board Company.